Monday, December 27, 2010


I dedicate this rage post to the teenagers who attend GEMPAK ASTRO yesterday:
Dear my little malies teenagers ......Why would you act like a monkey? Seriously, can't you all just watch a concert without yelling dirty word, for god sake, sebelah ko tu ada budak kecik yang duk tengok perangai monkey ko tu. Wait, there's more, xde rase sivik kew bile peluk awek ko tu depan orang ramai yg rata2 adults and kids? Aku seriously facepalm bile tgk perangai budak2 muda sekrang neh.

Owh god, yang awek dia plak cam xde maruah duk ngilai2 sama dengan mamat tuh. Damn frustrating gile tgk view camtuh. Finally, i get my butt up, go away from that hideous situation, and go to my Sakura Salju. I don't give a damn about LISA anymore. Aku leh trima kalo dia orang ramai2 duk sorak2 support the concert,but this is to much. Aku g tgk Double Trouble xde pun monyet cam budak2 neh. On my way to my car, i just keep watching the same mentally retard species teenagers. owh that moment i say to my self to never ever bring my future daughter into this sick situation. leh membimbing ke arah rosak akhlak di peringkat awal.

Well, to faratik (ni adalah golongan penonton yang ade depan gile2 dekat pentas), i seriously think this is the time where you can be pressing your body to the others gender without other people who see that say "WTF r they doing" and the "hey you pervert!!!". All the male faratik at that time will be the lucky bastard, well the female is becoming a cheap BCH. seriously, xkan ade pompan faratik yang duk kesah kalo kene rabe mase tuh. why? diorang da mmg jangka benda tuh akan berlaku. well, let bygone be bygone, the sins is already written, just pray that u still have time to change.

call me kampung if you want, but, at least budak kampung neh sedar mane buruk

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